Marine Fish Culture

Advancements in the aquaculture of marine ornamental fishes are occurring at an astounding rate.  Numerous species which have never before been captive-reared are available for sale at your local fish store.  This is great news, both for hobbyists that now have access to healthy specimens, well adapted to captivity, and for the reefs which have enough troubles without being raided for wild-caught fish.  Despite becoming more commonplace, the vast majority of marine ornamentals are still wild-caught, due the relative expense of aquaculture, and a lack of knowledge about the culture requirements of many marine species.  This an opportunity for any marine enthusiast, whether they are a hobbyist looking for a new challenge, someone hoping to start a new hatchery, or a commercial operation.  Advancements, whether they are cracking the secret to culturing a new species, devising a contraption increase efficiency, or a method to enhance production are not just coming from universities.  Advancements are coming from breeder’s basements, from a hobbyist’s keen observation, and from hatcheries of all sizes.  It is our sincere hope that by providing these guides and protocols from our experiences we will help someone make the next discovery that may add to our enjoyment of the hobby and protect our reefs.